“thresholds” of moments & Shunya

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in certain instances of abundant creative expression, as partners in a creative agency whose mission to spread memes that elicit empathy and evoke a desire to more deeply explore consciousness, we recall a magnificently sage suggestion from some wise folks who are are believed to have been mortal men but I wonder what kinds of fathers, brothers, and husbands such ideas embodied would have manifested…good men and women, noble people with integrity i prefer to think, wise benevolent leaders, philanthropic administrators who led city states and independent kingdoms with compassion and foresight such as what has been shared and recorded about one such as Ashoka.

the shloka below as a call to aspire towards entheogenesis, or birth of the god within each of us does resonate. while this may resemble being sacrilegious in some others’ beliefs (all paths lead to truth), i’m assured of my intention from within simply to continue onwards towards inner truth, which inevitably resembles and reflects the stuff we are all made of and from, whatever designation we choose or reject of said preferred categorization/designation/symbol.

“This is perfect, that is perfect, take perfect from perfect and what is left is perfect.”

some may prefer this…

“From infinity is born infinity.
When infinity is taken out of infinity,
only infinity is left over.”

eerily close to articulations of “threshold moments” in a shared post I viewed earlier of historian David Christian’s succinct narration of ‘The History of Our World in 18 minutes,’

As Brainpickings shares & Sam Harris says:

the deepest goal of spirituality is freedom from the illusion of the self — and toseek such freedom, as though it were a future state to be attained through effort, is to reinforce the chains of one’s apparent bondage in each moment.

Brainpickings (2), “Reflecting on his training with the Burmese spiritual master Sayadaw U Pandita, who teaches meditation as an “explicitly goal-oriented” practice — mindfulness is approached not as freedom from the self illusion in the present moment but as a means of attaining the “cessation” of that illusion in the future.”

This particular metaphysical approach was further deepened as well as complicated through a foundation of profound contemplation upon what preceded.

Concept of Shunya (Zero)

The concept of Shunya, or zero void, was originally conceived as the symbol of Brahman, expressing the sum of all distinct forms. The symbol of zero and the decimal system of notation is described in the Atharvaveda[15]. It describes how the number increases by 10 by writing zero in front of it. While there is no explicit mention of zero, it must have been common knowledge based on how it is used.

In fact, the concept of shunya was not just mathematical or scientific, but is deeply rooted in all branches of thought – especially metaphysics and cosmology. Shunya is the transition point between opposites, it symbolizes the real balance between divergent tendencies. Most ancient mathematicians defined zero as the sum of two equal and opposite quantities. Zero produces all figures, but is itself not limited to a certain value. Zero is the primary or final reservoir of all single numbers. The symbol of zero and the decimal system of notation is described in the Atharvaveda[16]. It describes how the number increases by 10 by writing zero in front of it. – source

thinking and feeling an expression of all of the above and beyond…with immense gratitude for marvels within oceans. remembering what one can bear witness to by knowing places like big sur and other similar treasures along California coasts. what a beautiful land with so much ancience upon it.

to listen differently as RPharm encourages. we have to try something different, no? our children inspire at least this much and life itself compels itself onwards regardless.

*this pure offering expires in 7 day. password Sanskrit for The First Ray of Light After Sun Rise 😉

in joy.

Artist Harry Smith, 1962

Artist Harry Smith, 1962

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