The first three years, everyone thought I was his mom. Sandy is a cute Jewish woman who looks nothing like me, but you?ve been in the club, you know—if I?m older than everybody, and I?m in the VIP, I must be Drake?s mom!

So he?s standing there, his hand wrapped around the neck of this thousand-dollar champagne bottle. I pull it to me. I?m not a big drinker, I?m a total lightweight—I?m a daiquiri drinker, or margaritas, but champagne just knocks me out. So I don?t know anything about it, don?t know this one?s so expensive. I?m like, ?You don?t think you?re gonna drink this whole thing, do you honey? You can have a GLASS.? He looks at me like I?m crazy! So I call over the management and tell them Drake needs water, and they bring me a whole case! There are more and more people crowding in here…

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