Arabic Literature (in English)

Egyptian novelist and poet Mohamed Nagui died in Paris after undergoing liver surgery. He was 68:

16754_811990795510507_8927768563492140445_nNagui, who won the Nile Award (formerly State Excellence Award) in 2013, had been ill for several years.

He was born in Gharbiya governorate in 1946 and wrote poetry before turning to novels in the 1990s. His first novel, The Moon’s Secret, published in 1994, is considered by some his best work. He published six more well-received novels between 1994 and 2010, including Morning Song, Travel Night, and Al-Ayaqa, Daughter of Al-Zein.

Although Nagui’s work was poetic, it also took a pointed look at Egyptian society, for instance in his 2008 novel The Effendi, “a criticism of the middle class obsessed with chasing monetary and personal gain even at the expense of the nation and the society.”

In a review of The Effendi, published by Dar al-Hilal, novelist and blogger Ahmed Khalifa…

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