Inner Space Reclamation League

It has been explored ad infinitum in various cultures, creeds, faiths, formal and informal, from time immemorial, that Inner space IS accessible through purity of intention, constancy of discipline, and one-pointedness.

Pretty clear in terms of means. Now, the tools to enact these conditions are elusive at best and deliberately obfuscating and maddening at worst.

IF, one can transcend and learn to work with ALL the resistance the mind AND body throw at one’s consciousness in trying to sort this mess out, then there is space to enter the void, which need not be overly frightening when the mystery is more known.

Listen to RhythmTonic V.1 B&W (inner journey) for a Hero’s Dose.

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Zakir Hussain and Mickey Hart

Zakir Hussain and Mickey Hart

KODO trak (Mickey Hart, KODO, Zakir Hussain, Greg Ellis